Replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and cost
Fibrespans fibreglass roofing system can provide you with an economical alternative replicating the traditional metal fit usually associated with listed buildings such as lead copper and zinc with no seams or joins what so ever giving you a like for like appearance in a grey top coat.

This product can be installed on to flat roofs, sloped roofs, dormer cheeks and complex architectural detailed work, many customers have decided to use this standard speciation for the simulated lead grp system in view of the high volume of thefts that have taken place over the past few years due to the high price scrap value, this product is unique in its as detailed complex design out performing the traditional metal roof membrane.

The system is fully backed with a guarantee for 50 years.

• Suitable for new build projects and refurbishments
• Available in a range of colours
• Capable of withstanding regular foot traffic
• Lead and copper replica finishes available
• Cold applied to a new plywood deck
• Warm and cold roof specifications
• Impact resistant and vandal resistant

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