Fibrespan's complete project
support services...

Fibrespan's reputation has been built upon its high level of technical support provided to all of our clients from the very start of the project through to completion. Fibrespan's technical team carry out detailed site surveys look at roofing specific ations and provide detailed drawings to ensure you the customer that every job will run as efficiently as possible.

On certain projects we understand that our clients are faced with certain challenges during a construction or home improvement and may need to put their focus on other pressing matters. This is where Fibrespan strive to take on board any issues associated with your flat roofing project including:

• Detailed Specific Actions
• Contract Monitoring
• Drawings
• Aftercare
• Thermal Calculations
• Onsite Surveys

Workmanship that lasts. Going for the cheapest home improvement option will not give you the best value in the long run, long lasting value is at the heart of everything that Fibrespan do, so we look at exactly what you require and make sure you get what you pay for.