The way Fibrespan work
from start to completion

Free No Obligation Quotation

You can meet Philip or Peter face to face
giving them the chance to see your property and take into account all the relevant factors unique to your roofing project. They can provide you with samples of our roofing materials and give you the chance to ask any questions.

Our pricing

We are often asked why we don't show princes in our brochure or on our website. The short answer is, it is very rare to have two identical roofs. There are many factors that make each roof unique, and therefore it would be unfair of us to give a cost without having seen the project, measured up and taken all the relevant factors into account.

Detailed Site Survey

Whilst at your property we will need to carry out a detailed site survey
of the proposed work. This process will allow us to double check every aspect of the project taking into account everything that is relevant to your purchase highlighting any issues such as facias and gutters access to the roof and building control keeping you the client informed along the way.

Fibrespan Manufacturing Process

Fibrespan manufacture all their own pre formed fibreglass trims
these trims are used to make up the perimeter edges of the roofing area we also manufacture our own polyester resin and all are made from materials of the highest quality making our roofing system one of the best in the market place.

Your installation

When we install your roofing system we do this efficiently and professionally
all of our staff are employed by Fibrespan and are courteous tidy and considerate whilst working, respecting your home and property. We understand when you made your decision to proceed with your roofing project the chances are you will wish to have this done as soon as possible but of course there are many possible variants and it is impossible to give an encompassing answer with regards to an installation date but as a rule we usually aim to install your job within four to eight weeks from placing your order with us.

Completion of your project

Once your roofing project has been completed, Philip or Johanna will either visit your property or call you
to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the service provided by Fibrespan. An invoice will then be produced, and on receipt of payment we will provide you with our comprehensive support lifetime guarantee and arrange your *ten year insurance backed guarantee ( *covering all materials and labour ).